Simplify at All Levels

Follow these simple tips and learn how to take a step back when necessary and prioritize the tasks in your life.

| August 2018

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    Be sure you have the tools you need for tasks around the house to make it easier for you to tackle.
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    “Be Organized” provides reader with simple tips to try to in your daily lives.
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  • dusting-furniture
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Learn how to better organize the small daunting tasks in your life with Be Organized: Reclaim 90 Minutes of Your Day, Every Day  (Cedar Fort, 2018) by Marie Ricks. This book helps readers to discover ways to handle on the small tasks they face daily instead of putting them put off. If you struggle with overwhelming tasks everyday then you will find new creative ways to help de-stress and declutter everyday life. This excerpt can be found in chapter 9, “Panicked to Paced” and chapter 12, “Flustered to Finished.”

Simplify at All Levels

Many of you have “muddy bogs” in your routines, schedules, and habits.

These are places where you approach life with too much chaotic spontaneity. As with all the other projects you are engaging in as you learn how to be organized, always look for ways to simplify your life. Here are four additional directives and their application to a regular family issue:

1. Eliminate. Eliminate from your wardrobe any difficult-tokeep-up or time-consuming pieces of clothing. An example would be a blouse that needs to be ironed before it can be worn.

2. Reduce. Reduce unneeded clothing items you have out and about by storing off-season items either in the back of your closet or in deeper storage areas of your abode.

3. Postpone. Postpone filling out your wardrobe (no matter what the fashion experts say!) and stick to about a dozen tried-andtrue outfit combinations, especially during times of financial drought or emotional stress.

4. Systemize. Finally, systemize your professional and casual wardrobe by rotating through outfits so you will know what to wear tomorrow and even next week without having to think about it each morning. Do you have other places where you can simplify, such as bill paying, mending, food management, or paperwork? If so, think through the four steps to simplification: eliminate, reduce, postpone, and systemize.

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