Spiralizer Recipes for Gluten-Free Summer Meals

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150 Best Spiralizer Recipes offers new ways to enjoy your produce through healthy, creative dishes.
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Try out different blades for a variety of thicknesses for spiralized produce.
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Summer squash offers a tasty. seasonal option for spiralized dishes.

At first glance, a spiralizer might seem like merely another piece of equipment, but its ability to turn produce into versatile, healthful meals will earn it a permanent home in your kitchen.

One of the major benefits of spiralizing produce is that it reduces food waste. For example, many people toss broccoli stalks after they use the crowns, but it’s possible to spiralize the edible stalk to make a whole new meal. By looking at vegetables in this light, you can start to experiment with all sorts of unique recipes. Spiralized produce also typically replaces grains or pasta in a meal, which makes these recipes a great choice for anyone trying to avoid gluten or cut back on carbohydrates. Beyond dietary restrictions, spiralizers are also a smart way to sneak more vegetables into a picky eater’s diet, and to use up all that garden-fresh zucchini and squash that are so plentiful this time of year. 

As the spiralizing trend grows, so do your options when it comes to this handy machine. Hand-held, miniature spiralizers are compact, though limited to mostly zucchini, squash, and cucumber. Full-sized equipment takes up more room, yet allows more variety in your produce choices, including sweet potatoes, turnips, and other dense vegetables. Most large spiralizers — and some smaller ones — come with several changeable blade options that will turn out different noodle sizes, from thin strands to thick ribbons. Research which models and blades are right for you to get the most out of your new kitchen companion.

Between homegrown produce and farmers markets, summer brings an abundance of nutritious vegetables. Here are some inspiring and unique ways to transform those vegetables into healthy meals that everyone in your family is bound to love.

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