Cooking Tips for Holiday Herb Stuffing Recipes

These cooking tips and holiday herb stuffing recipes will help you create the perfect meal, includes basics on preparing herb stuffing, using fresh herbs in stuffing and links to stuffing recipes.

| October/November 1992

  • Herb stuffing recipes are a traditional side dish to every holiday celebration.
    Herb stuffing recipes are a traditional side dish to every holiday celebration.
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  • Herb stuffing recipes are a traditional side dish to every holiday celebration.

Cooking tips and herb stuffing recipes to enhance your holiday fare.

Herb Stuffing Recipes

Classic Holiday Herb Stuffing Recipe
Mushroom Caviar Herb Stuffing Recipe
Herbal Cheese Stuffing Recipe

We're approaching that time of year when cooks begin reaching for Grandmother’s time-honored stuffing and dressing recipes. And as you thumb through those dog-eared, food-stained, fragrant pages or cards, herbs and spices will no doubt come to mind. They’re the ingredients that ­evoke the most nostalgic memories, and simply smelling the seasonings can conjure up images from the past: simmering oyster stew with sweet marjoram, golden turkey roasting alongside crusty sage dressing, and warm pumpkin pie redolent of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. This is indeed a pleasing form of aromatherapy.

Our food history is replete with stuffings of all descriptions. Fruits, vegetables, pasta, breads, and meats have been stuffed with every imaginable combination of herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, pasta, breads, and meats. In early human history, frugality dictated the use of stuffings, in various guises, for stretching scarce food supplies. Every scrap of food was used, as flavoring if not as a primary ingredient, and mixtures of leftovers have become staples in many cuisines. In America’s bone-gripping depression and war years, dressings and stuffings helped many a meal suffice for how­ever many gathered around the table. But it was the seasonings that made those simple foods pleasantly memorable.

As we approach the twenty-first century, health concerns are becoming a high priority for many people, and the use of highly flavored stuffings allows smaller amounts of meat and other fat-laden proteins to be served. Stuffings based on vegetables provide valuable nutrients and fiber, and fresh herbs can often stand in for salt.

Following are a few simple ideas that have given us consistently good results. We’ve also included a few of our favorite recipes to guide your exploration of herbal stuffings.

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