Healthy Convenience Foods: Quick-Fix and Make-Ahead Snacks

Snacks can be simple and healthy. Use our tips and recipes for quick, nutritious noshing.

| November/December 2013

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At first glance, healthy eating seems simple: We should eat when we are hungry and make mostly nutritious choices like veggies, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains. We should exercise and balance the calories we take in with the calories we burn off. The concept is elementary. But unfortunately, healthy eating is anything but simple. We make food choices for many reasons besides hunger: cravings, boredom, celebration, loneliness, convenience, lack of time. We are complex creatures.

Snack Recipes

Easy Turkey Wrap Recipe
Sweet and Savory Mini Whole-Grain Bagel Snacks
Easy Pumpkin Greek Yogurt Recipe
Banana Oatmeal Walnut Cookies Recipe
Baked Lemon-Kale Chips Recipe
Oat Coconut Granola Bars Recipe

We all live in a busy world full of deadlines and demands. It can sometimes seem as if nothing is easy and we are not in control of much of our lives. But we do have control over what we feed our families, and darn it, our snacks should be easy and healthy.

What makes a healthy snack? Any time you pair complex carbs such as veggies, fruits and whole grains with lean proteins such as eggs, seeds, nuts, beans and dairy, you have a healthy snack.

Snack Ideas

We all have regular snacks we rotate through, but we would be wise to widen our repertoire. It’s when we get bored eating the same things but haven’t planned ahead that we’re most likely to reach for something unhealthy.

To solve this problem, we can seek out—and buy the ingredients for—interesting snack ideas. Many people make shopping lists for main courses, but forget to think about including healthy snack options.

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