3 Delectable Compound Butter Recipes

Compound butter is simply softened butter with flavorings mixed in the butter. Try these three delicious compound butter recipes and impress friends and family with flavored butters.

| June 2013

Butter is one of the most quintessential ingredients in cooking. Transform plain butter into artisanal creations. Flavored Butters (The Harvard Common Press, 2013) by Lucy Vaserfirer will help make your cooking come alive with sweet and savory recipes, vibrant plating techniques and suggestions for pairing the perfect butter with its complementary fare. In this article, learn about compound butter, learn how to shape and present it, and try three divine compound butter recipes. This excerpt is taken from the section “Butter Basics.”

Compound Butter Recipes

Gorgonzola-Chive Butter recipe
Radish Butter recipe
Whipped Vanilla Butter recipe

The most common form of flavored butter, usually referred to as compound butter in professional kitchens, is simply softened whole butter with flavorings mixed in. The ingredients can be just blended together or whipped until light and fluffy. The magic of a compound butter lies in the fact that it is made from whole butter and therefore has that luxurious, velvety mouth feel and rich flavor. As it slowly melts, it functions just like a fancy sauce and yet is unbelievably easy to make!

Forming a Log of Butter

1. Place the butter in the center of a sheet of parchment paper.

2. Bring the top of the parchment over the butter and, holding the bottom of the parchment firmly against the work surface, press into a log using a straight edge.

3. Roll the log up in the parchment and twist the ends of the parchment in opposite directions, as if it’s a piece of candy. Refrigerate until firm.

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