Quick and Easy Paneer Recipe

Begin your cheese making journey with this quick and easy paneer recipe.

| March/April 2013

A great place to begin your cheese making journey is with simple acid- and heat-coagulated cheeses. These types of cheese go by many names throughout the world, including queso blanco (“white cheese”) from Mexico; whole milk or sweet ricotta from the United States and Italy; vinegar or lemon cheese from the United States; sheep’s and goat’s milk brousse in France; mizithra from Greece; and paneer or panir from India and the Middle East. The curd can be drained for a soft, crumbly cheese or lightly pressed for a firm slicing and grilling cheese. By changing the cream content of the milk, the type of acid and the draining method, you can make a wide variety of cheeses. With only slight variation, the same recipe can be used to make Italian-style mascarpone (see instructions below).

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Quick and Easy Paneer Recipe


1 gallon whole or part-skim milk
About ¾ cup lemon juice or vinegar
(white or cider)
¼ teaspoon salt, or to taste


Heavy-bottomed pot

1. Make sure all equipment is clean and sanitized and that your cheesemaking space is clean.

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