Traditional Herbal Recipes from Around the World

Get a taste of global cuisine with tips and traditional herbal recipes.

| May/June 2016

  • Herbs provide vital flavors in traditional recipes around the world.
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  • Chef Jerry Traunfeld is the owner of two Seattle restaurants, Poppy and Lionhead, and the author of two cookbooks.
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Highly valued for their bold flavors and health-enhancing properties, culinary herbs are crucial elements of some of humanity’s most traditional recipes. Exploring these recipes can help us discover new ways to bring the flavor and health benefits of herbs into every meal. One of North America’s foremost herb-cooking experts, chef and author Jerry Traunfeld knows just how to make excellent use of homegrown herbs, and he shares his tips with us.

Herbal Recipes from Around the Globe

Japanese Herb Tempura Recipe
Cilantro and Pumpkin Seed Pesto Recipe
Simple Summer Rolls Recipe
Indian Poppy Chickpea Salad Recipe
Young Carrots with French Tarragon Recipe
Greek Chervil Avgolemono Recipe
Herb Garden Lasagna Recipe

Q&A with an Herb-Loving Chef

Chef and owner of Poppy and Lionhead restaurants in Seattle and the author of the award-winning cookbooks The Herbfarm Cookbook and The Herbal Kitchen, Jerry Traunfeld honed his innovative use of herbs and spices during his 17 years as executive chef at The Herbfarm Restaurant in Washington, where he garnered national acclaim and received the James Beard Award for Best American Chef (Northwest region). In The Herbal Kitchen, Traunfeld writes, “Herbs appear in most every dish I prepare for my nine-course restaurant menus, and they make their way from my backyard garden into much of the food I cook in my home kitchen. Like most home cooks, I search for fast and easy-to-prepare recipes that taste extraordinary. When I cook with fresh herbs, it’s easy to achieve amazing results with little effort.” Here he shares some advice to improve home cooking.

What tips can help home cooks make better use of herbs?

1. Use herbs freely. Yes, it is possible to overpower other ingredients if you add too much, but more often home cooks use herbs too sparingly.

2. If there’s any way you can grow your own, do it. Freshly cut herbs from your own garden always taste better.

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