Guilt-free Snacking

Keep these nutrient-rich treats on hand for organic, super-nutritious snack options.

| September/ October 2017

  • Brussel Bytes
    Courtesy Sejoyia
  • Thoughtful, healthy eating involves everything from seeking out nutrients to knowing where your food comes from.
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  • Salad Snax
    Photo by Trung Hoang
  • Sprouted pizza flavored "seeds of life"
    Courtesy Organic Living Superfoods
  • Women's Vitality Mix
    Courtesy SunRidge Farms
  • Bean and rice chips.
    Courtesy Beanfields

The food we eat comprises one of the most important components of our health, but eating well means much more than ditching carbs or going gluten-free. Rather than looking for foods to cut from our diets, let’s focus on those we should enjoy in abundance — whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals and packed with necessary nutrients. Discover the best ingredients, the value of buying local food or growing your own, and how wonderful it feels to truly nourish ourselves.

1. Salad on the Go

Salads are nutritious but not usually easy to eat on the run. Enter Salad Snax: a blend of organic kale, red cabbage, spinach and carrots, tossed with tasty dressing then gently dehydrated to preserve all those wholesome nutrients in a perfectly snackable form.

To Buy: $33 for six 1-ounce bowls, Go Raw

2. Trail Mix Treat

This flavorful, non-GMO SunRidge blend is bursting with trail mix favorites, and includes 60 percent of your daily calcium, 80 percent of your vitamin D, and other key minerals such as iron and magnesium. Buy it from the bulk section and you’ll always have a handful available.

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