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Fresh Cottage Cheese Recipe

Making your own cottage cheese is very easy!

I have been on a mission to drastically salt from my diet. I know I can’t or shouldn’t eliminate all of the salt because sodium is actually necessary for your body to function properly but when you have high blood pressure (like I do) or just want to eat a natural diet (like I do) you will find that most store-bought prepared foods are high in sodium. For example, look at the label of your natural foods and you will be very surprised. I was!

Fortunately,  many foods are not hard to make yourself, and then you can control how much sodium (or other bad stuff) goes into your body. Living a natural lifestyle is within reach of everybody. Let’s get back to the foods that grandmother or great-grandmother ate and didn’t think twice about it.

One thing I want to eat more of but has too much salt is the cheeses of the world. I’m French. I love cheese. How do I get to eat more cheese and eliminate the salt? The answer is trés simple. I make my own.

Today I am making homemade cottage cheese and it turns out that it couldn’t be easier.

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
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