5 Food Manufacturers You Can Trust

From grains to dairy to seafood, take the guesswork out of shopping for healthy, quality products.

| May/June 2016

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Choosing to buy foods from companies we trust can take some of the guesswork out of shopping for well-made products.

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We all want to eat the healthiest foods possible, and most of us would also like to support companies that protect our precious human and natural resources. Fortunately, today thousands of incredible food companies are producing sustainable, high-quality, highly nutritious foods.

The following Editors’ Picks are some of our very favorite suppliers of super-nutritious foods produced in conscientious ways. They all showcase a dedication to superior ingredient quality and to developing and maintaining longstanding relationships with trusted small farmers. In addition, these companies make it obvious that they value the people who work for them through innovative corporate policies. They value their customers, too, answering every question promptly via phone, email or Facebook. In this article, we chose not to include national produce or meat companies, as we recommend sourcing these items as close to home as possible.


Bob’s Red Mill
Milwaukie, Oregon
(800) 349-2173

Nearly 40 years ago, Bob Moore set out to help people get back to basics with healthy whole grains that consumers could trust to be the best possible options for their health. Today Bob’s Red Mill offers one of the largest selections of organic, whole- grain and gluten-free foods in the United States. Its Grains of Discovery collection debuted in 2013, featuring ancient grains, such as farro and sorghum, from around the world.

Ingredient Sourcing and Quality:  Bob’s Red Mill uses stone mills to preserve the flavor, freshness and nutrition of whole grains, and processes foods as little as possible. The company works with farmers in the growing regions best suited to each grain, and sources only the best quality. Bob’s Red Mill offers dozens of certified organic whole-grain options.

Responsibility: On his 81st birthday in 2010, Moore and his partners gave the company to its employees in the form an employee stock-ownership plan. “It was the ultimate way to reward our dedicated employees for their contributions to the company’s ongoing success and growth,” Moore says. “We are so proud to be an employee-owned company!”

5/13/2016 5:22:13 PM

Thanks for this great article. Already using Red Mill grains. Will definitely be supporting Eden Foods. Good to hear they are staunchly anti-choice.

5/13/2016 11:18:45 AM

Thank you for this article. I do wonder if Bob's Red Mill grains are non GMO?

5/13/2016 11:13:29 AM

You couldn't pay me to purchase anything from Eden Foods, as they are staunchly anti-choice, and fund others who are the same.

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