The Optimal Diet: A Conversation About the Right Eating Plan for You

The optimal diet is a mixture of a low-fat diet and a plant-based diet, and is based on finding the right eating plan for you.

| October 2013

Eating Plan Pyramid

If you’re eating according to our eating plan pyramid, you’ll be just fine.

Photo Courtesy BenBella Books

Most Americans don’t realize medication is not the answer to lower disease rates; the answer is in the foods we eat. Food Over Medicine (Ben Bella Books, 2013) starts a conversation about the dire state of American Health and the key to getting and staying healthy for life. In this excerpt from chapter 2, “The Program,” authors Pamela A. Popper, PhD, ND, and Glen Merzer discuss the optimal diet and how to find the best eating plan for you.

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GM: Let’s talk about the optimal diet. There’s a theory out there that we’re all different and we should choose our diet according to our blood type or our genetic makeup or our personality type or our astrological sign, and that the optimal diet is one thing for one person and a vastly different thing for another person. Is there any truth to the idea that different people need wildly different diets, or are we mostly alike in what we ought to be eating?

PP: We’re shockingly alike. The only thing that differentiates us significantly is food allergies. My attorney, who died a couple years ago at sixty-one, was in his fifties when I met him. He had been allergic to cherries, peaches, and apricots since he was five. Well, he could eat a plant-based diet, but since cherries, peaches, and apricots sent him into anaphylactic shock, we kept him away from those foods. That would be an example of a genetic situation; stay away from three specific foods.

GM: Wait a minute. He ate a plant-based diet, but died at 61?

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