What’s Your Nutritional Style? Quiz

Take this nutrition quiz to discover which nutritional style you currently have, and how you can upgrade to become a healthier, happier you.

| January 2015

  • Discover Your Nutritional Style
    “Discover Your Nutritional Style” by Holli Thompson will help you connect what’s on your plate and how you feel, in a simple and personalized way, promoting a flexible approach to eating healthily.
    Photo courtesy Sunrise River Press
  • Bites of food
    Are you honest with yourself about how you currently eat? This quiz can show you what kind of eater you are now, and how you can improve with a holistic approach to nutrition.
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  • Discover Your Nutritional Style
  • Bites of food

Holli Thompson, author of Discover Your Nutritional Style (Sunrise River Press, 2014), suffered from years of migraines, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, weight gain and more before turning to holistic nutrition. Now an advocate of eating for health and wellness, Holli gives us a non-traditional look into personalized nutrition. The following excerpt is from chapter 1, “Your Nutritional Style.”

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: Discover Your Nutritional Style.

Your Nutritional Style is the style of eating that nourishes and satisfies you completely, not just because you look your best when you eat that way, but because you feel it, too. It’s the style of eating that banishes cravings, feeds your body well, and allows you to live life with joy, ease, and grace. It’s the style that fits well with the rest of your life and enhances it.

So what’s your Nutritional Style? Let’s figure that out together.

Take the quiz below and tally up your answers. When deciding which answer to give, please pick the one that’s closest to your usual eating habits. Or think of it this way: If you were eating out and had to choose from the three options, which would it be?

You’ll probably find you fit naturally into one of three Nutritional Styles. Once you’ve determined what your basic Nutritional Style is, we’ll begin your journey to better health with whichever style suits you right now. Within that style, I’ll teach you to upgrade your food choices to make them the healthiest ones possible. And if later on you feel you need to adapt your food choices to a different style, you’ll have the knowledge to make the shift slowly, and seasonally, in a smart and sustainable way.

No matter which style you choose, they all share one common goal: to help you attain a fabulous, vibrant, uplifting, happy-to-be-you level of health and well-being. I invite you to find that place where you feel good in your own skin and know you’re doing your best to stay there.

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