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Healthy Delicious Spinach Artichoke Dip

Naturally Lean (Da Capo, 2016), by Allyson Kramer proves that low-calorie doesn’t have to mean low satisfaction; these gluten-free, plant based recipes are high in nutrients, have less than 300 calories per serving — and they taste amazing. There are no fillers, no added or refined sugars, and no processed ingredients you can’t pronounce. This excerpt is from Chapter 1, “Greens and Crucifers.”

Just like the addictive appetizer found at numerous chain restaurants, this dip is delicious. Unlike that insanely unhealthy dish, this version is actually good for you! It includes nutritional yeast, an excellent source of vitamin B12, which is hard to come by in a vegan diet, as well as thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and niacin. It’s free of overly processed ingredients and chock-full of delicious nutrient-dense ingredients, making it quite a healthy appetizer.

  • Published on Apr 25, 2017
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