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Caramel Chocolate Charcoal Macaroons

Activated Charcoal for Healthactivated charcoalby Britt Brandon (Adams Media, 2017), is a guide on how to incorporate activated charcoal into your lifestyle through recipes, DIY beauty and self-care products, remedies, and more uses. Brandon’s approach compliments a holistic approach to wellness. This treat is guilt-free because it helps expel toxins.

There are a number of ways to transform a conventional confectionary treat into a healthy, satisfying snack that can be enjoyed without any guilt.

Activated charcoal can be included in many recipes, but one of the tastiest and most effective at calming cravings is this caramel-chocolate-charcoal macaroon recipe. It not only satisfies cravings but also supplies essential nutrition to the cells, organs, and systems. The activated charcoal in this recipe is undetectable in taste, but it helps purge the body of toxicity and pathogens, recalibrating the processes that contribute to overall body health — all while being enveloped in a delicious puffy cloud of coconut and chocolate. You can enjoy these delicious and nutritious bites of goodness any time to restore energy, rejuvenate the mind, and revive the body naturally!

Charcoal’s Contribution To Diabetes

When a patient is diagnosed with diabetes or any other metabolic condition, rigid dietary restrictions can wreak havoc on daily meal planning. With activated charcoal aiding in the natural hormonal processes that govern metabolic functions, dietary restrictions can be gradually eased, allowing for sweet treats like these delicious macaroons.

  • Published on Dec 22, 2017
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