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The Vegetarian Traveler’s Survival Guide

Vegetarian? Use our 9 tips to eat right no matter where in the world your travels take you:

• Parlez-vous vegetarian? Before visiting foreign countries, learn key food vocabulary. Be prepared to say whether you eat pork, chicken, fish, eggs, milk or cheese.

Scrutinize before you sail. Cruise ships generally have vegetarian menus, but vegans may have rougher sailing. Research before you book.

Cook for yourself. If you’re staying a number of days, choose a hotel room with a kitchenette.

Not so veg-friendly skies. Many airlines have eliminated vegetarian meals from domestic flights. Include nonperishable snacks in your carry-on.

Healthy detours. During road trips, travel with a cooler and seek out health food stores where you can stock up.

Make special orders. If vegetarian restaurants are elusive, choose a place where you can speak to the chef about your dish.

Pack right. Choose vegan luggage–hemp duffels, backpacks and courier bags or recycled rubber totes–check

Hire an expert. Find a travel agent who specializes in vegetarian travel, such as Donna Zeigfinger, owner of Green Earth Travel:

Do your homework. Check or for international restaurant listings.

Helpful books include Tofu Tollbooth by Elizabeth Zipern (Ceres, 1998); The Vegetarian Traveler by Jed and Susan Civic (Larson, 1997); and Vegetarian Restaurants and Natural Food Stores by John Howley (Torchlight, 2002).

  • Published on May 1, 2004
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