Easy Breakfast Ideas: Omelet Recipes

For quick, eggy breakfasts, omelets are the way to go. Find plenty of easy breakfast ideas with these omelet recipes.

| July/August 2013

eggs and a whisk

Eggs are a great breakfast food, and when it comes to eggy breakfasts, omelets are the way to go.

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For quick, eggy breakfasts, omelets are the way to go. While scrambled and poached eggs need company, an omelet can be a full meal on a plate in less than five minutes. For more healthy breakfast ideas, read the original article, Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas.

Omelet Baveuse: How to Make Omelets

Discovering an omelet “baveuse” is a game-changing moment in life. We were taught how to make them by our French friend Pierre. Many people leave the center of the omelet a little moist or tacky like this, but there is a particular quality that can only come from cooking them at a low heat.

• 2 eggs per person
• 1 tablespoon grated cheddar cheese per person
• Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
• 1 heaping spoonful of crème fraîche per person
• A dash of vegetable oil

1. Put eggs, cheese, salt, pepper and crème fraîche into a bowl. Whip with a fork until well-mixed.

2. Get a pan reasonably hot and heat a dash of vegetable oil.

3. Pour in egg mixture and tilt pan so it spreads around the base. With a wooden spatula, circle edge of pan and ensure edges remain loose. After 15 seconds, reduce heat to low.

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