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How to Caramelize Onions (Video)

By Staff

How to Caramelize Onions (Video)

Cook a large batch of savory caramelized onions in advance to have on hand to prepare quick weeknight meals.

By Jessica Kellner

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Caramelized onions offer sweet and complex flavors that can enrich many foods. But if a recipe calls for this tasty ingredient, you might as well make a giant batch. Properly caramelizing onions and coaxing out its complex flavor takes time—we’re talking half an hour or more for this single ingredient. Make this wonderful convenience food ahead of time, and keep it stocked in your freezer for future use. Caramelized onions can form the base of stir fries; top pizzas or sandwiches; be pureed into a dip; be sprinkled onto grilled veggies; be stirred into scrambled eggs; or be tossed with simple pasta dishes. Simply prepare a large vat, using a mandolin for extra convenience, portion out into individual sizes and stash them in the freezer so that you can pull them out whenever desired.

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  • Published on May 19, 2015
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