Homemade Salsa Recipes

These homemade salsa recipes are perfect to pair with meats or as a dip with tortilla chips, includes tips on making salsa and tools you can use when making salsa.

| October/November 2006

Learn how to make these homemade salsa recipes and tools and tips for making fresh salsa.

How to Make Salsa

Banana Salsa Recipe
Apple Salsa Recipe
Salsa Fresca Recipe
Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe
Cantaloupe Basil Salsa Recipe
Fresh Tropical Fruit Salsa Recipe
Cucumber Avocado Salsa Recipe
Tropical Jungle Salsa Recipe

Homemade Salsa Recipes

Kick the gray right out of winter with flavorful, colorful salsas that are amazingly easy to create. Artful combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices unite to form a harmonious blend of flavors and colors that delight the palate and complement a variety of dishes.

The words sauce and salsa, which English borrowed from French and Spanish, originally came from the Latin word salsus, meaning “salted.” Salt is still an important ingredient in most salsas, although modern cooks often try to reduce salt intake. Most packaged chips contain more than enough salt, so the flavor remains when the chips are dipped.

Salsa in various forms has been around for hundreds of years. A neighbor of mine, who travels back and forth to Brazil, brought me an unfamiliar herb and a handful of pepper seeds that the indigenous people living deep in the Brazilian rain forest had given him. They told him that the pepper and the accompanying herb were both traditional ingredients in an ancient salsa made by their Mayan ancestors. Unfortunately, the salsa recipe didn’t accompany the seeds, but I’ve had fun trying to create this very old dish without it.

Ketchup used to hold the honor of most popular table condiment, but in recent years, salsa sales have surpassed ketchup’s, and there are literally hundreds of brands of salsa on grocery store shelves.

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