3 Quick & Savory Bread Recipes Without Yeast

Slow down with these three recipes for fresh, delicious and simple breads. By stocking your pantry with these pantry essentials, you can bake up quick breads without yeast.

| July 2015

  • Transform simple ingredients into fresh loaves, rolls, buns and flatbreads with “Made at Home: Breads” by Dick and James Strawbridge.
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  • If you struggle to find enough hours in the day, yet want fresh, home-baked bread, turn to recipes that make great breads without yeast.
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From choosing the right ingredients to achieving the right texture, Made at Home: Breads (Mitchell Beazley, 2013), by Dick and James Strawbridge, is the perfect guide to making flavorful breads for every occasion. In this excerpt from chapter 5 “Quick Breads,” learn how to stock your pantry so you can bake bread in minutes.

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: Made at Home: Breads

Unfortunately, the resurgence in home baking doesn't fit well with everyone's lifestyle. Taking the time to slow down and bake is impossible for some people. This article is for all of you who struggle to find enough hours in the day. Instead of waiting for yeast to get the dough to rise, this selection of quick breads uses other leavening agents to increase the volume of the dough using a simple chemical reaction. The best thing about quick breads is that it is easy to keep the ingredients on hand—with a quick raid of a well-stocked pantry, you can be baking in minutes.

Quick Breads Without Yeast

Quick Soda Bread Recipe
Quick Corn Bread Recipe
Quick & Crumbly Cheese Biscuits Recipe

The Lazy Loaf

Baking bread is hard work and takes time to fit into your daily routine. Quick breads reduce the time that you have to set aside but still offer tasty homemade food. When you are short of time or have guests arriving imminently, you'll find that a loaf of soda bread or a batch of muffins is quick to make and throw into the oven.

If you need to be persuaded to try some of the recipes in this section, imagine taking away all of the rules, constraints, and discipline associated with traditional baking and replacing them with a loaf made in a fraction of the time. The simplest quick breads are made by mixing together the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients and baking immediately.

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I love making bread and will have to try these.

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