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My Ayurveda Kitchen: Delicious Quinoa Bowl for Autumn

Before going to the recipe let me explain a little bit about quinoa. Quinoa is not classified as a grain; it is a pseudo-cereal.

What exactly is a pseudo-cereal? A pseudo-cereal is one of many non-grasses, such as amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat, that are used in much the same way as cereals (true cereals). Nutritionally, quinoa is considered a whole grain, which is a gluten-free complete protein. Yes, you heard it right!

Quinoa Health Facts

  • High in fiber and low in calories
  • Improves your metabolism
  • Helps in weight loss and is ideal for Kapha predominant persons
  • Aside from being a good source of protein and other vitamins, in other words, Quinoa can help you have a healthier weight, healthier heart, improved digestive process, and healthier bones.
  • Quinoa can protect internal organs with its antioxidant activities, it also regulates diabetes, and reduces the risk of gallstones.
  • Super protein

Now let’s move on to the recipe.

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

Delicious Autumn Quinoa Bowl Recipe

• 2 tbsp. of ghee
• 1/4 tsp. Asafetida
• 1/2 tsp. cumin seeds
• 1/2 tsp. coriander seeds
• 1/2 tsp. fennel seeds
• 1 cup of quinoa
• 1 cup of black-eyed peas
• A handful of coriander leaves
• 1 cup of vegetables of your choice – in fall I prefer seasonal vegetables like squash, pumpkin, carrots, etc.
• 1 tsp. of bouillon stock powder
• Salt and pepper to taste


1. Cooking Quinoa: Add 2 cups of water to 1 cup of quinoa, bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes. When it becomes fluffy, switch off the flame.

2. Cooking Beans: Soak the black-eyed peas overnight, drain and pressure cook for 2 whistles. Drain and keep aside.

3. Steam the vegetables of your choice.

4. In a pan, add ghee and sauté the spices for 2 minutes. Add the cooked quinoa, black-eyed peas, and vegetables. Mix well. Serve warm.

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
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