Food and Recipes

Find recipes and tips for a healthy diet based on local, seasonal eating.

Superfood Soups

By Julie Morris

Discover the ways in which the humble soup pot is full of superfood potential.

Cook Once, Eat All Week

By Julie Morris

A few easy mushroom dishes can be transformed into a week’s worth of healthy meals.

Cheers to Healthful Chocolate!

By Tabitha Grace

Dark chocolate and raw cacao are packed with brain and body benefits, but only if you buy the right thing.

Wassailing with Spiced Cider

Bless your friends, family and the spirits of the orchards with wassailing, an old practice used to appreciate the gifts of nature.


Frozen Persimmon Margarita Recipe

By Ellen Zachos

The flavor of sweet, ripe persimmon added to the typical lime in margaritas is worth the hunt for this foraged fruit.

Bless You Cocktail Recipe

By Ellen Zachos

Rich, tart elderberry syrup and sumac are the perfect foils to the sweet Bendictine in this carbonated cocktail.

The Ultimate Dinner Pantry

By Julie Morris

Stock your kitchen with these dinner staples and be ready to make quick, nutritious meals even if you’re short on time and ingredients.

Superfood Swaps for Holiday Classics

By Tabitha Grace

Upgrade your celebratory meals this season with nutrient-packed ingredients that won’t compromise tradition — and may even ramp up the flavors on your holiday table.