Try This: Tabletop Fountain

Assemble your own water treasure.

| May/June 1999

  • You can change its contents to reflect your mood of the moment

Its sounds soothe. Its mist freshens. Its touch invigorates.

It’s water, tableside, from your own tabletop fountain. But creating a simple tabletop fountain offers you more than the soothing sounds of water splashing over shells and stones and the release of exhilarating negative ions into the air you breathe. It gives you a chance to explore your own creative depths and express your innermost being in new and exciting ways.

Frank Rose of Boulder, Colorado, who teaches fountain-building workshops around the country, finds himself inevitably awed by the self-discovery people experience when they assemble personal treasures in a mindful way and add the unifying element of moving water.

“Some students have been brought to tears after making their own fountain,” says Rose. “They’ve been told all their lives that they had no creative talent, no artistic bent. Then they make their own fountain and realize they are creative, and it becomes a very emotional moment for them.”

They also go away with a very personal, almost spiritual, memento of that moment.

And personal is what having a fountain of your own is all about. You can change its contents to reflect your mood of the moment, from energetic in the morning to calmer, more sedate in the evening. Or you can change its contents to reflect life’s most meaningful memories, much like a living calendar, an ever-changing diary. You might include special coins from a treasured trip abroad, shells from a beach-combing bonanza, a charm from your grandmother’s bracelet, a memento from your first love.

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