How to Make a Candle: Cupcake Candles

Celebrate special occasions with vanilla scented soy wax cupcake candles.

| February 2011 Web

Candlemaking the Natural Way book cover

"Candlemaking the Natural Way" offers the fundamental techniques of candle making as well as 31 projects for making beeswax, palm and soy candles of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Photo Courtesy Lark Crafts

The following is an excerpt from "Candlemaking the Natural Way: 31 Projects Made with Soy, Palm and Beeswax" by Rebecca Ittner (Lark Crafts, 2010). The excerpt is from Chapter 5: Soy Wax Candles. 

Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate any occasion. These candles are gently scented with vanilla essential oil, but feel free to use any scent you desire or leave them unscented. Yields 6 cupcakes.


2 teaspoons (10 ml) vanilla essential oil
2 pounds (909 g) soy pillar wax flakes
Color blocks: ivory and peach
Flat braided cotton wick: medium
Wick tabs: small or medium (6)


Adhesive wax
Candle thermometer
Double boiler
Glass measuring cups: 4-cup (960 ml) (2)
Kitchen towel
Metal cupcake pan
Paper towel
Paring knife
Silicone baking cups (6)
Wooden toothpicks or plastic
cocktail stirrers (6)

cheryl hines berner
2/10/2013 1:53:07 AM

It sounds easy, although, where do I buy all the ingredients and tools to make these candles?

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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