This Can’t be Tofu!

Transform your dishes with tofu

| January/February 2004


This anecdote appeared in the Metropolitan Diary in The New York Times while I was writing my cookbook, This Can’t Be Tofu!

Jane Block, shopping in her local health-food store, placed a container of fresh tofu in her basket. A well-dressed man approached her and in a clipped British accent asked exactly what she did with the tofu. She replied that normally she put it in the refrigerator, looked at it for several weeks, then threw it away. The man replied: “That’s exactly what my wife does with it. I was hoping you had a better recipe.”

Well, for all of you whose relationship to tofu is as earnest but as unfulfilled as Jane’s, here are some better recipes.

Disappearing Tofu and Dessert

While the recipes on Pages 48 to 50 treat tofu as a food to be enjoyed for its own intrinsic qualities, tofu also can disappear into dishes so completely that you don’t even know it’s there. For example, stir pureed silken tofu into prepared mayonnaise or into a ricotta filling intended for manicotti, ravioli or enchiladas, and you truly won’t know the difference. I have a suspicious palate when it comes to substitutes, so you can trust me on this.

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