Shower Her with Herbs

Create an enchanting bridal shower with favors, flavor and decor on an herbal theme.

| April/May 2003

  • Potted centerpieces can double as favors for each guest to take home.

  • Photography by Anybody Goes

  • Make a lavender spritzer to add scent to herbal invitations.


In the language of flowers, roses and myrtle mean enduring love; rosemary and violets speak of faithfulness; lemon verbena translates to enchantment by love; sage represents domestic happiness; and catnip articulates the joyful intoxication of love. Their ancient and romantic symbolism make herbs the perfect bridal shower theme.

From the invitations to the menu, decorations, favors and shower games, an herbal theme effortlessly ties each shower element together. Herbs also make a great theme if guests are asked to bring gifts for the garden, kitchen or bath.


In the color language of flowers, lavender signifies pure love. Select lavender-colored invitations and carry this color through to the shower decorations. To make simple invitations yourself, use white or lavender-colored cards and write them by hand using a lavender or silver pen. Before mailing, include a stem of lavender (or use rose petals or rosemary) in the envelope so the recipient will have a fragrant surprise. Also, consider adding scent to the invitations with a spritz of herbal fragrance spray. Be sure to write on the invitation the quality or emotion the herb represents.

Selecting the menu

Showers are often held as luncheons or teas. An herbal shower lends itself beautifully to either. Using herbs associated with love and marriage, you can have fun creating a delightfully symbolic, delicious menu.

For a tea, serve an herbal cheese dip, tea sandwiches with herbs and several herbal deserts such as lavender cookies, rosemary shortbread and buttermilk herb cookies served with herbal tea.

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