Seasonal Soups and Stews

Chase away the winter blues with robust seasonings.

| December/January 2002

  • Try our Hungarian Cabbage Soup. Caraway and thyme add a fresh flavor to this hearty soup.
  • Make this Savory Turkey and Rice with Thyme, Sage, Winter Savory and Bay.
  • Winter vegetables are the makings of an elegant soup.
  • Seasing your favorite broth: Select one or more of the following seasonings for 10 to 12 cups of broth.

At this time of year, as we hunker down for winter, thoughts turn to hearty, seasonal soups, savory stews, and flavorful meats turned fork tender by slow braising with liquids. The seasonings are what make these recipes from every corner of the world so delicious and different.

Though we are blessed in Texas with having most herbs fresh in the garden year round, we tend to use the heavier, more robust flavors during this season. This is simply because they hold up to the long cooking times of most winter dishes. Bay laurel, rosemary, sage, and thyme are all old herbal friends that find their way into endless pots of soup. The strong flavors of these Mediterranean natives are varied by using the seasonings in different proportions and in combination with parsley and other herbs.

6 Seasonal Soups and Stews: Try these favorite recipes and get ready for a good dose of twenty-first century comfort food that’s guaranteed to chase away the cold-weather blues.

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