Put 'Em Up! Easy Home Canning Recipes

Ease into the exciting world of home food preservation with these easy home canning recipes.

| September/October 2011

Put 'Em Up book cover

These easy, delicious recipes have been excerpted from Sherri Brooks Vinton’s wonderfully upbeat cookbook "Put ’em Up!"

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If you’re among the trepidatious many who have regarded canning food at home as a time-consuming, mysterious or difficult hobby, think again. Canning your own food with the boiling water-bath method is simple, safe and fun, and it doesn’t require a huge time investment (learn more by reading the article "Home Canning: How to Can Using the Boiling Water Bath Method"). Most importantly: Home-preserved foods are much better than anything you could find on a store shelf, ever. The following recipes will help ease you into the exciting world of fabulous flavor and significant grocery savings achievable through basic food preservation.

Canning Recipes

Canned Whole Tomatoes

Corn Salsa

Ginger Peach Jam

Handy-Dandy Canning Gizmos

Corn Zipper
This stainless steel gadget makes quick, clean work of preserving corn. $16

Lid Wand
This simple wand allows you to lift sterilized canning lids out of simmering water safely. $1 to $2; available at hardware stores and pressurecooker-outlet.com 

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