Play With Your Food: Easy Vegan Recipes

A famous activist and tree sitter shows us how food is both political and fun.

| March/April 2005

  • Even if you chop fresh herbs and vegetables, this vegan lasagna recipe shouldn’t take longer than thirty minutes to prepare—even if you’re new to the kitchen.
    Photo By Joe Coca
  • This sauce is great with steamed veggies, stir-fry, over rice noodles, rice, or quinoa—even as a salad dressing.
    Photo By Joe Coca
  • This incredibly healthy vegan pâté is delicious on crackers, sandwiches, celery stalks, or wrapped in lettuce leaves.
    Photo By Joe Coca
  • Perfect comfort food any time, yams are low fat and absolutely delicious.
    Photo By Joe Coca

I love food! I love preparing meals that are both decadently delicious and happily healthy. I’m a joyous vegan, and I celebrate how fabulous this lifestyle is for my body, my world, my planet, and for the animals as well.

Our forks are powerful agents of change. The food we choose to put on them turns them either into weapons of mass destruction or tools of mass compassion. Foods that support big agribusiness farming or that are filled with sweeteners, preservatives, artificial coloring, over-processed ingredients, pesticides, and herbicides are destroying global health. Animal-free food that’s organic, local, in season, and free of added junk creates powerful healing for the entire planet.

People are often afraid to cook; sometimes they’re afraid of food itself. We’re so disconnected from our food sources that we no longer know how to nourish ourselves. We’re afraid of recipes—afraid we’ll “mess up” or won’t enjoy what we prepare. We’re overwhelmed by lists of ingredients and gadgets and fall back on old-standbys: pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, dairy, and meat.

Well, I’m excited to say that food is a celebration of life! It can be fun, fast, healthy, and delicious. Really! Recipes don’t have to be a path you absolutely have to follow. For me, recipes are lights you shine on the path, and then you take the time to smell, taste, and pick what you love most.

With that in mind, I hope you love the following “recipes” as much as everyone I’ve shared them with. Remember, it’s all about playing with the food and your senses—a constant collaboration between you and your ingredients. Have fun and enjoy.

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