Pack a Lunch: Money-Saving Food Tips

One of the quickest ways to food savings? Pack your lunch!

| September/October 2011

The grocery budget is the third largest money hog in most household budgets, after housing and transportation. It might be difficult to reduce your mortgage or rent, and you’re probably already doing all you can to spend less on gas, so it makes good sense to focus on food savings strategies.

You’re in luck—there are plenty of easy ways to save a bundle on food. The surest way? Don’t eat out, especially for weekday lunches. Reducing the cost of lunch may seem like a drop in the bucket, but it’s a drop you can make every single day, and frequency adds up.

Make Your Own Savory Staples 

Taking any kind of lunch will save you a ton over eating at restaurants, but don’t stop there. You can save plenty more by making your own staples, rather than settling for factory-made, flavorless and nutritionally inferior standbys.

The idea of making everything from scratch might sound quaint, old-fashioned or impractical. But it’s truly not that difficult! If you’re interested in saving money and getting better flavor and nutrition, give a few of these ideas a try. Think flavorful sandwiches on home-baked bread with fresh mayo; easy-to-make soups and stews that freeze well; yummy wraps; and nutritious, delicious green or whole-grain salads.

Bake your own bread. The wildly popular, easy, noknead method of bread-baking shows you how to keep ready-touse bread dough in your fridge at all times—you can bake lovely loaves at about 50 cents each! For instructions, read Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

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