Homemade Soda: Carbonation Methods, Flavorings and Recipes

Whether you’re a home cook or a home brewer, knowing how to make soda at home will be a valuable addition to your culinary skill set. Try these four soft drink recipes the next time you’re craving something sweet and unique.

| August 2012

  • Nothing beats a tall, frothy glass of homemade root beer.
    Photo By Aran Goyoaga
  • Experience the fizzy excitement of “Homemade Soda,” a cookbook with 200 recipes that bring soda to the home kitchen; it’s perfect for adventurous home cooks, home brewers who want to expand their repertoire, DIYers and parents looking to have more control over their family’s sugar consumption.
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Fizzy bubbles and full-bodied flavor rush the senses when you drink a tall glass of homemade soda. Making soda is easy: Create a flavor base, choose one of three methods of carbonation, add some flavoring and voila! A sweet and intense concoction of herbal liquid bliss right at your fingertips. This excerpt is taken from Homemade Soda (Storey Publishing, 2011) by Andrew Schloss, a comprehensive guide filled with recipes such as Orange Honey Ginger Ale and Anise Licorice Root Beer that are reminiscent of grandpa’s old-school soda fountain but with some zing. 

Homemade Soda Recipes

Orange Honey Ginger Ale recipe
Curiosity Cola recipe
Anise Licorice Root Beer recipe
Ginseng Soda recipe 
Honeydew Mint Seltzer recipe
• Rooty Tooty Root Beer recipe
• Ginger Ginger Ale recipe

How to Make Soda

We are all used to the instant gratification of store-bought sodas, and you may have the impression that making sodas at home is overly time-consuming and technically beyond your reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. In some cases it’s almost ridiculously easy, and the results will beat commercial sodas hands-down, every time.

Homemade soda always starts with a flavor base. Some flavor bases are quick and simple. Others require more preparation and ingredients. Once prepared, the base can be used right away or refrigerated for spur-of-the-moment refreshment any time. I size the recipes for simple flavor bases for a single glass to give you flexibility. For flavor bases that are more complex, or those that can be used to make a variety of sodas, I give recipes for making them in bulk.

Once you have your base, it is time to add bubbles and turn your syrup into soda. I use three different methods of soda carbonation in my book:

• Seltzer
• Siphon
• Fermentation

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