Herby Turns Ten

Help Us Celebrate Our First Decade!

| April/May 1998

The Herb Companion is celebrating its first decade. All year long we’re remembering what we’ve done, some of the gifted people we’ve worked with, our highlights, and some of our silly moments.

The Way We Look

If you buy your Herb Companion from the jam-packed racks of newsstands, then maybe you’ve noticed that we’re a little different. Amid this crowd of rambunctious periodicals, we try to be—shhh!—quiet.

One way we do this is by treating every cover as if it were a work of art. We commission artwork for our centerpiece, then we turn it over to another artist, Susan Wasinger. Susan is an associate of Studio ­Signorella of Boulder, Colorado, the graphic designers who make The Herb Companion so elegant. She has been designing our covers ever since issue #1 in ­October/November 1988, choosing colors and backgrounds and borders and giving each magazine the mood and the look we want.

The cover at the top, which graced the August/September 1996 issue, is one of her favorites. The artwork is by Mary Ann Nardo.

Dille on Chile

“Herb lovers and chile lovers may meet (even in the same person) with pleasing results if each applies some understanding to the sensibilities of the other.”

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