The Essence of Rosemary: Rosemary in the Kitchen

The signature scent of the season can boost your mood, flavor food and, possibly, make you smarter.

| December/January 2009

  • Saxon Holt

Rosemary is a classic flavor partner for poultry and pork, but did you know it can add a delightful note to biscuits and dumplings, too? Here are a few other ways to appreciate the essence of rosemary in the kitchen.

1. Rosemary Bean Dip: Puree a can of rinsed white beans with rosemary, garlic, and enough lemon juice and olive oil for dipping consistency.

2. Gourmet Game: Generously rub duck or venison with a half-and-half mixture of finely chopped rosemary and kosher salt. To add subtle flavor highlights, add a few crushed juniper berries when making a rosemary-salt rub for lamb, pork or poultry.

3. Luscious Leftovers: Leftover turkey sandwiches become special when slathered with rosemary sandwich spread. Mix 1 teaspoon of finely chopped rosemary with ½ cup mayonnaise and a squirt of spicy mustard.

4. Rosemary Pesto: Try a blend of walnut oil, walnuts and rosemary on pasta. A pesto of olive oil, kalamata olives and rosemary makes a great accompaniment for poultry or fish. 

Contributing editor Barbara Pleasant, author of The Whole Herb (Square One, 2004), writes and gardens at her home in Virginia.

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