Easy Herbal Cookie Recipes: Chocolate-Peppermint Truffles

Deck your kitchen table this holiday season with these tasty herbal cookie recipes that your family and friends will love.

| December/January 2007

  • Chocolate-Peppermint Truffles become tasty "snowballs" when placed in banks of powdered sugar in our holiday scene.

Makes 25 to 30 truffles, 3/4 ounce each

For a frosty touch to our winter tablescape, we tumbled these peppermint-infused truffles into a drift of powdered sugar beneath a forest of stacked cookie trees.

• 14 ounces high-quality semisweet chocolate chips or finely chopped block chocolate
• 1 cup heavy cream
• 1 cup loosely packed fresh peppermint or spearmint leaves, coarsely chopped
• 2 pounds premium white or semisweet chocolate, tempered
• About 1 cup confectioners’ sugar or tinted sanding sugar, optional

Place chocolate chips or chopped chocolate in a large bowl and set aside.

Combine cream and coarsely chopped mint leaves in a nonreactive saucepan. Bring mixture to scalding point, turn off heat and steep mint in warm cream about 30 minutes. Strain cream into another nonreactive saucepan to remove mint leaves. Squeeze leaves over pan to recover any retained cream; discard leaves.

Gently reheat cream to scalding point. Strain hot cream through a fine-meshed sieve directly onto chocolate chips or chopped chocolate. Let mixture sit 1 to 2 minutes before stirring to allow cream to melt chocolate; gently whisk until chocolate and cream have come together and the filling is perfectly smooth. If chocolate does not melt completely, place bowl over barely simmering water, stirring as needed to achieve desired consistency. Pour filling into a small bowl, cover tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate several hours or overnight, until mixture is very firm.

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