Herb Wines from Scratch: A Wine-Making Glossary

For cooking or drinking, these brews are worth the wait.

| December/January 1993

ACIDS. Components of wine which help balance flavor and preserve the wine during aging. Grape wines naturally contain a balance of acids, but a purchased acid blend and/or small quantities of citrus fruit must be added to herb and flower wines.

AGING. Curing following fermentation ­either in the secondary fermenter (bulk aging) or in bottles. Bulk aging is preferable to minimize the amount of sediment that will settle out in the ­bottle.

ALCOHOL. A by-product of yeast fermentation. Wine that is to be stored for any length of time must reach at least 10 percent alcohol to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi.

BOTTLE BRUSH. The best tool for cleaning glass containers before sterilizing them with sulfited water. Brushes are available in various sizes to fit different-sized bottles.

BOTTLES.  The ultimate destination of the wine. New bottles in various sizes may be purchased from wine-making suppliers, or used bottles may be cleaned and reused.

BULK AGING.  Aging in the secondary fermenter or other large container. Wine may be racked during bulk aging either into bottles for drinking or into smaller containers to minimize airspace above the wine and consequent oxidation.

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