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Seasonal Soundtrack

Songs for the Kitchen


Listen to the 2018 real food playlist.

There's more to food than what ends up on our plates. For us, healthy eating includes harvesting with our own hands, preparing food in a place we love, being creative with what we consume, and, of course, sharing the harvest with others. In this season of bounty, healthy eating should extend outward from our plates to our friends, neighbors, and communities. Nutrition is meant to be shared, and inviting others to partake is surely the best way to eat well.

Songs for Self-Care


Listen to the 2018 personal care playlist.

Personal care is about more than finding time to meditate or pamper yourself. Watch your physical health by exercising when you can and by eating healthy, balanced meals. Improve your mental health by surrounding yourself with those who support you and by finding joy in everyday moments. Better your long-term health by avoiding toxins in everything from deodorant to makeup. It all counts when it comes to self-care.

Songs for the Home

 Songs for the Home playlist

Listen to the 2018 healthy home playlist.

What a blessing to have a home that’s meaningful, unique, and filled with personal items that bring comfort and joy. No matter how you arrange your home, you strive for it to be as health promoting and toxin-free as possible. Let this playlist inspire you to go and discover even more ways to refresh your home and lifestyle: from kitchen to laundry room, cleaning products to décor. Then you can rest easy knowing that you’re making educated, healthy choices for you and your family.

Garden-Themed Songs

2018 garden playlist

Listen to the 2018 garden playlist.

January may be the official start of the year, but spring’s ever-nearing warmth makes the new year feel as though it has truly arrived. From determined sunlight and thunderstorms to green buds carefully blossoming, everything feels more alive. Join nature’s seasonal cycles and get your blood pumping by turning soil, weeding, and readying delicate seedlings for transplant. And as you dig into your dormant garden, let the awakened world inspire new choices and chances for the year ahead.