Pasha Krise

Pasha Krise

Occupation: Writer and Mother Pasha Krise

Place of Residence: Wilmington, NC


It has been almost nearly a decade since Pasha wrote professionally. As a mother of three boys under eight, she often writes about real life situations that she encounters in her daily mission to raise kids, care for a home and be a writer.

Over the years, Pasha has remained an intent observer of the world and the people in it. She is ever curious about learning new things and honing her skills. Pasha’s personal blog is a rumination on her life adventures. And keeping a garden. And activism. And dreaming. And all the things that drive writing and who she is.

As well as “mothering”, Pasha’s background includes founding a school in southeastern North Carolina, owning and operating a clothing boutique in Chicago, and professional endeavors as the Marketing and Event Director of the Famous Dick’s Last Resort.

She will continue to write honestly and with integrity with a style and prose that it uniquely Pasha.

Current Projects:

Pasha Krise is currently writing for magazines, online blogs and working on her first fiction novel.

More Places to Find Pasha:

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