Michelle Polk, Blogger

Michelle Polk bio photoOccupation: Acupuncturist

Place of Residence: Chicago

Background: Masters in Science and Traditional Oriental Medicine, herbalist, blogger, author.

Michelle is an Acupuncturist, herbalist, and author currently residing in Chicago. She is focused on how simple life changes can impact one’s health and wellness, with her most recent book focusing on the health benefits of houseplants. While Chicago is not the ideal place to grow plants year round, she has steered her passion for gardening outdoors into an indoor obsession.

She spends most her days reading and researching nutrition and the amazing health promoting effects of food and herbs. Her most recent fascination is mushrooms and how they work with your specific needs to make you healthier.

Follow Michelle on Facebook @TheHouseplantGirl and Instagram @thehouseplantgirl. You can also find her at www.houseplantgirl.com.