Karyn Wofford

Karyn Wofford


Occupation: Freelance Writer & T1International Global Advocate

Place of Residence: Atlanta, GA

Background: Previous EMT and Wellness Specialist

Current Projects: Paramour Explore (self-built meaningful travel blog)

Karyn Wofford is a lifestyle writer focusing on earth conscious, meaningful travel. She has traveled nationwide and globally, searching for destinations that put wildlife, our environment, and green living as their top priorities. Secondly, Karyn focuses on health topics, with a special emphasis on an autoimmune disease she herself struggles with; type 1 diabetes. Through writing articles to erase stigma associated with the condition, which requires pricey insulin injections for survival, much of her time is spent advocating with T1International. The organization is fighting for the rights of those with type 1 diabetes all around the globe, and is making tremendous progress in helping individuals access supplies they need to stay alive and manage their condition. So, you could say Karyn lives in two different worlds, yet they are remarkably intertwined. Both of her focuses are directly connected to protecting our world, and the people in it, through the power of awareness.

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