Inger Wilkerson

Inger Wilkerson

Place of Residence: Milwaukee, WI inger wilkerson bio photo


Inger grew up in the crunchy granola seventies, so living naturally has always been part of her life. A highlight from her youth included going to school late to see her father on the Today Show when he invented the device that converts wind/solar power to AC and runs it back to the power lines.

Taking this tradition into adulthood, Inger managed a career in Information Technology while raising a family on home-cooked, organic food. She taught her kids to count their veggies, turn off lights (okay half the time), wear sweaters and use flow restricting showerheads.

When people began asking her for advice (“can we do coffee”), she started a blog to share at Art of Natural Living.

Current Projects:

Currently she is halfway through eating (truly) locally for a year—no coconut milk, no chocolate, no sugar! The project even included tapping her front yard maple trees and boiling the sap into maple syrup. It’s been an experience!

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