Becca Miller, Blogger

becca miller biographyOccupation: Farm-to-Classroom Educator, Creative Writing Instructor, Freelance Writer.

Place of Residence: The Adirondack Mountains

Becca works in progressive education at a farming-and-outdoor boarding school in the Adirondack Mountain region of Northern New York. There, she is a part of the farm-to-classroom Edible Schoolyard program, the outdoor education program, teaches creative writing, and works in freelance writing and PR. She previously ran a Community Supported Agriculture program at an organic farm on Cape Cod, where she taught members how to use ingredients in creative new ways. She also works in ceramics, horseback riding instruction, and is a certified Master Food Preserver through the Cornell Cooperative Extension. Becca spends much of her free time using local ingredients to make jams, pickles, and homemade wines.

Becca is a regular contributor to Edible Capital District and Edible Green Mountains magazines, where her Unexpected Harvest column highlights the surprising culinary delights found in the field and forest. She has also been published in Adirondac, the Adirondack Mountain Club magazine, and in the Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies. Becca is passionate about sharing her love of the outdoors, environmental stewardship, and food and farming, and believes that it is only when people fall in love with the natural world that they will work to protect it.

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