Ashley Houk

Ashley Houk

Ashley is the Blog Coordinator for Mother Earth Living and has previously worked for the magazine as Assistant & Web Editor, as well as Social Media Manager.


Ashley grew up in rural, west-central Missouri where she split her time between the “city” and country. Much of her country life was spent outdoors making mud pies, hunting for turtles, learning how to shoot guns, and exploring her family’s farm with her cousins.

Since receiving a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas, writing and editing was a side hustle until landing a job at Ogden Publications in 2014. Although she continues to write on the side, she enjoys sharing Mother Earth Living content that resonates with her values and has helped her appreciate the benefits of self-sufficiency, even if only on small, apartment-sized scale.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys cross-stitching and trying out a variety of DIY projects. She loves reading, and is especially fond of Russian literature.

Articles and blogs by Ashley include:

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You can follow her DIY and cat-loving adventures on Instragram or check out more writing over on her personal blog.

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