Product of the Week: Little Moon Essentials Nature First All-Natural First-Aid Kit

Little Moon Essentials Nature First all-natural first aid provides 11 natural remedies in a carrying case.

| June 2010 Web

Whether you’re tossing it in the car or packing it in your suitcase, Little Moon Essentials Nature First all-natural first-aid kit is a handy, compact way to take the power of natural medicine with you on the go. The convenient, easy-to-carry pouch holds 11 travel-size remedies.

Each Nature First kit comes with a detailed booklet explaining the natural remedies, as well as these Little Moon Essentials products:

Clear Breeze All-Purpose Spray

Use this spray on hands, surfaces, pillows and tissues. This spray is also good for stuffy air on airplanes and sickrooms. Its strong essential oils of cinnamon, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree cleanse the air and surfaces.

Aching Head Rub sample tin

This salve combines pure essential oils of marjoram, camphor and lavender to relieve the pain of headaches.

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