Beauty Ingredient: Benefits of Shea Butter

| 12/19/2011 5:02:31 PM

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Dawn RobnettDawn is the owner of Seattle Hill Soap Company and formulates natural and safe soaps and skin care items that are enhanced by herbs, botanicals or clays. You can find Seattle Hill Soap Company at Seattle Hill Soap Co. 

There are many benefits of shea butter, the featured beauty ingredient in my Whipped Shea Butter Skin Cream below. Shea butter is derived from the fruit of the Karite tree. It is well known for its moisturizing abilities and can be purchased as an unrefined or refined product. In my experience, most unrefined shea butters can be grainy and has a much stronger nut odor than the refined butters. I don’t find the nutty odor to be offensive, however it can alter your fragrance if using one. Some claim that the refined butters do not contain the same healing properties as the unrefined butters. My take on it is, if you’re looking for moisturizing benefits, refined will work just fine and you won’t have the graininess and odor to deal with. I’ve also found that refined butter seems to last a tad bit longer. If you’re looking to shea butter for its known healing properties, going the unrefined route may be a better option. In my personal experience, shea butter is slow to absorb into the skin and can become greasy if too much is applied. I have recently stumbled upon a shea butter called shea nilotica that actually absorbs into the skin much better than most common shea butter’s I’ve tried. Warning, it’s a bit more expensive than regular shea butter but I find it worth it if using it for a topical treatment. One last note about shea butter; it contains a small amount of naturally occurring latex so folks with latex allergies should do a small skin test or completely avoid it.

One of the wonderful things about shea butter is you can whip it up and it makes a wonderful skin balm. It’s a great treatment for very dry skin and I especially like to use it on my hands and feet when they are very dry. Here is a quick and easy recipe you can do at home.

Shea Nuts 12-19-2011
Skin-nourishing shea butter is made from shea nuts.
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Whipped Shea Butter Recipe 

For this recipe you’ll need a stand mixer with whisk attachments. Clean jars for product. If you’re reusing a container, it is best if it has been washed in your dishwasher first and preferably on the sanitizing cycle.

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