Cute Find: Handmade Herb Markers

| 3/25/2010 2:16:57 PM

Tags: Etsy, Cute Find, Garden Decor, Herb Marker,

A.TilsonThe Herb Companion staff recently stumbled upon this cheeky garden decor idea on Etsy. (If you've never checked out Etsy before, we think it's about time that you do. Aside from your local nursery, is another great place to shop for garden-themed gifts and decor.)

We personally love this craft idea: use spoons as herb markers. Try to make your own or purchase our handmade finds. We found two custom-made spoon markers that we absolutely loved.

Herb Garden Markers
Courtesy Etsy/Photo by daisychestnut

Courtesy Etsy/Photo by monkeysalwayslook 

Do you have any cute gardening finds? Leave me a comment or send your find to—we may post it in one of our blogs!

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