Even though summer isn't officially here yet, summer-like weather is in full swing. I've been stocking up on warm-weather cosmetics to keep my hair, skin and nails protected from the elements. As I search through the endless rows of products for the best healthy, affordable cosmetics, I'm lucky to be armed with valuable information I read in Dr. Sam Epstein's book Healthy Beauty: Your Guide to Ingredients to Avoid and Products You Can Trust

Epstein, a founder and chairperson of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, professor emeritus of environmental health at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and consultant to the Environmental Protection Agency, details why we should be wary of potentially hazardous ingredients in everyday cosmetics — and offers natural product selections from companies who are leading the way in safer cosmetics production.  

Check out this second excerpt from Healthy Beauty: Your Guide to Ingredients to Avoid and Products You Can Trust to find out more about how to swap out conventional products for healthier, natural alternatives. Remember to keep the buzzwords below at the top of your mind as you stock up on your summer skin-care products. 

Healthy Beauty book cover 

Deciphering Product Labels 

Simply knowing what ingredients to avoid sometimes isn’t enough. How can you avoid ingredients if the manufacturer doesn’t reliably list them on the label? Learning to decipher product labels is another key step in protecting yourself from toxic ingredients. 

12/31/2013 11:51:38 AM

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