Green Your Black Friday: Top 10 Black Friday Tips

| 11/28/2008 1:54:30 PM

Tags: black friday, earth moment, reusable bags, shopping, antiques, vintage, buy nothing day,

Happy Black Friday! 

To make your Black Friday a little greener, here are a few tips to kick off the holiday shopping season. 

1. Look for American-made products. This ensures that your purchase didn’t travel too far to get to your shopping cart. 

2. Shop vintage and antiques for that hard-to-buy-for relative. You can find loads of unique, inexpensive items at your local flea market and antique store. 

3. Draw names from a hat. My brothers and I started this tradition a couple years ago to cut down on expenses and holiday stress. If you have a big family, see if you can play Secret Santa or draw names to reduce spending (and packaging) during the holidays. 

4. Remember your reusable bags! Surely you’ve collected many over the past several months (I own at least 10!). Put them to good use when you’re out shopping, and who knows: If you only have a few bags, maybe that will deter you from overspending (or at least encourage you to take a break!). 

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