Water Your Garden with the Solar-Powered RainPerfect System

| 7/26/2011 10:17:10 AM

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It’s the dog days of summer and in many parts of the country water bans are on due to record low levels of rainfall. Unfortunately that means our gardens and yards are feeling the heat and the flowers and vegetables in our home gardens are at risk. So what can you do keep your flowers and veggies flourishing during a water ban?

Rain Perfect System 

The solar powered RainPerfect pump system is a great way to harvest the rain that does fall and recycle it to help your gardens and lawns stay hydrated and rejuvenated.  The RainPerfect easily installs onto your rain barrel and powers the water you’ve harvested out through a standard garden hose, and provides ample pressure to water your garden or lawn. No more carrying heavy buckets or straining your back! The RainPerfect gains its power from the sun with the included solar panel, so there is no need for wasting electricity and the pump is ready to go anywhere anytime.  The RainPerfect retails for approximately $139.00 (MSRP) and is available online or at select retailers nationwide.

Additional tips during water ban time: 

--Try not to plan your garden in an area that has trouble holding on to water, such as a sandy area, as the natural drainage won’t leave much water left for your plant.  

--Plants that are not receiving enough water will show their true colors in their yellowing or dried leaves toward the bottom of the plant. They will also conserve water by keeping the stalk green, the roots moist and show some root at the surface. The ground around the plants may be cracked as well.

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