Introducing LiveWall Planted Wall System

| 6/18/2012 8:25:01 AM

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Hortech, Inc. announced the introduction of LiveWall®, the planted wall system that transforms ordinary walls into vertical green landscapes. LiveWall is the result of four years of research and development by the same team of horticultural scientists, landscape professionals, architects, roofing specialists and green building experts at Hortech who created LiveRoof®, the superior green roof system proven successful in more than 600 installations. LiveWall is engineered to be attractive, simple to install, easy to maintain and change, and healthy for plants.

The LiveWall system’s WallTer® planter modules slide into the revolutionary RainRail® mounting tracks, which secure them in place and include hidden conduits and built-in nozzles for integrated mist irrigation. The WallTers, manufactured in recycled architectural grade plastic, are six inches deep and five inches wide and come in 8-inch and 16-inch lengths. They are available in six colors that complement any facade: beige, cool gray, wheat, cedar, sage, and salsa.

“LiveRoof was not the first modular green roof system. We listened to our customers, heeded our horticultural instincts, and developed LiveRoof as a more advanced system that delivers higher value,” said Dave MacKenzie, horticulturalist and president of Hortech. “In the same way, after extensive evaluation of existing planted wall systems, we engineered LiveWall to surpass them. LiveWall supports healthy plant growth, is adaptable to various plant types and easily re-plantable, and delivers optimal aesthetic value and functionality.”

Most planted wall systems force plants to grow sideways, straight out from the surface of a wall. This unnatural orientation stresses plants and undermines their health. The result: unattractive walls with dead plants and exposed, eroded soil. LiveWall supports plants as nature intended — roots growing down, stems and leaves growing upward. The result: beautiful vegetative walls with hearty plants thriving in a sustainable system.

Most planted wall systems utilize drip irrigation, which requires water to trickle down through each soil compartment, starting at the top and working its way down. This method can drown the top level of soil, leaving it soggy and oxygen-deprived. The result: fungus- and bacteria-induced disease spreads via the downward trickle of water, infecting all the plants and rotting their roots. LiveWall features mist irrigation, which functions naturally like rain falling onto plants’ leaves and the soil. The result: proper watering and gentle cleansing that removes dust and debris from the plants. An added benefit: the labor-saving convenience of automated watering.

“LiveWall, like LiveRoof, makes horticultural sense. It gives plants what they need — growing conditions like those found in the natural landscape,” said Erin Canterbury, designer, Christy Webber Landscapes, Chicago, Ill. “It also gives designers what we need — a practical system with a complete set of components that work.”

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