Grow Tomatoes Indoors with InnTainer Indoor Growing System

| 11/15/2011 12:11:04 PM

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Tomato-growing enthusiasts can now grow tomatoes in any climate - indoors, with all of the taste of home garden summertime tomatoes. 

TomatoFest® Heirloom Tomato Seeds in conjunction with system designer Ray Newstead of Campbell, California announced availability of the InnTainerTM growing solution today.  The InnTainer builds upon the principle of capillary action, wicking moisture from a built-in water reservoir in the form of a self-watering container (SWC).  Many design elements of the highly successful outdoor EarthTainerTM have been incorporated into the new InnTainer system.

Users can now go for weeks between watering intervals, for unattended operation.  The InnTainer which is based on an 18 gallon tote incorporates a self-contained 3 gallon water reservoir. Positioned in a south facing window for either natural wintertime lighting, or incorporating an overhead artificial lighting system gives owners multiple growing options.  Advances in Digital Ballasts for High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting as well as the rapid development of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technologies is now delivering excellent energy efficiencies for the Consumer market.

“This innovative portable self-container growing system will now give climate-challenged people a totally new alternative to putting up with tasteless supermarket tomatoes” said designer Ray Newstead, “The leak-proof design lets users put the InnTainer in the home or apartment where one would never have placed normal containers”.InnTainer Gary Ibsen founder of TomatoFest Heirloom Tomato Seeds further noted the new extended Season growing options with the InnTainer design.  “Our customers want organically grown tomatoes that taste like a real tomato should – all year around.  Together with the InnTainer design, TomatoFest has paired up a series of tomato varieties ideally suited for indoor gardening with the InnTainer system. We assembled some of these tomato varieties into two newly released Indoor Container Tomato Seed Collections which can be found at” 

The original EarthTainer design is now in use throughout the world in Haiti, the Outback of Australia, Namibia and elsewhere providing food where growing conditions for traditional in-ground cultivation are difficult.  Even in an urban environment, EarthTainers are enabling condo owners and apartment dwellers to grow organic vegetables on balconies and other former non-tillable locations.

Plans for users to construct their own InnTainer growing system are available for free download at: 

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