Get Kids Gardening with Vertical Garden Kits

| 5/14/2012 12:18:36 PM

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Mighty Fine Gardens
Parents often wish that there were a simple solution for getting their children excited about healthy living.  Mighty Fine Gardens provides families with a way to teach their children the value of outdoor time and of making healthy choices with food through their garden kits.

Mighty Fine Gardens’ garden kits are designed to introduce children and families to the joys of gardening.  These garden kits are simple and anyone can grow huge amounts of delicious vegetables, without any prior experience. 

Some of the unique features of Mighty Fine garden kits are:

  • Ground-up coconuts are used to grow the plants, eliminating all the harmful organisms and pests found in dirt.
  • There are no pesticides, fungicides, or discouraging problems.
  • There is no need to spend years improving the soil.
  • The kit contains everything necessary, except a new garbage can filled with water.
  • Great combinations of seeds are included along with a timer/pump package that automates everything.
  • Plants grow about 30% faster because they get larger amounts of oxygen to their roots than in a traditional planted soil garden.
  • Special plantpots are stacked up on a pole, supplied in the kit. Water drips from the top in small amounts, and trickles down through the lower pots. There is hardly a drop of wasted water.
  • Gardeners who use Mighty Fine vertical garden kits know exactly what is on their produce - NOTHING!

The seeds that come with the children’s gardens are specially selected for rapid growth, ensuring that there is plenty for little ones to be excited about.  Children will be excited to go outside in the morning and check on their gardens, rather than watch television and play video games.

They will even be excited to eat vegetables for dinner, forming healthy eating habits and encouraging them to become lifelong fans of fresh vegetables.  Mighty Fine Gardens brings families together to garden and enjoy healthy eating and living.

Mighty Fine Gardens, located in Delray Beach, Florida, makes gardening simple and fun for the whole family with their vertical garden kits.  Using the included hardware, set up takes about an hour.  Mighty Fine Gardens kits use 80% less water than a traditional dirt garden and the raised bed towers can grow five times the vegetables of a dirt garden in a small plot or space.

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